I am responsible for analysis, planning, and development of a program that runs an intranet desktop application and integrated public online service about delivering consulate services. In addition, I participated as Project Technical Officer in the upgrade project of the system’s 4th version in 2013.

Background and Details

In the late 1980s, a project called “Consulate Automation” was initiated by the Ministry to facilitate the consular operations of Turkish citizens living abroad. The main purpose of the project is providing quick and easy access to the main consular services and ensuring that the transactions are done in the same way between the consulates. The project was moved to the Windows platform in 1999, its contents are enriched and made easy to use. In 2005, the project infrastructure and architecture were changed into a central structure and was named “Consulate Network”(KonsoloslukNET).

I joined the project development in late 2007. I worked on the development of the new modules and fixing the problems of existing modules until the upgrade of the project in 2013. Then I participated as Project Technical Officer in the upgrade project. Now, 4th major version of the program is up and running in more than 200 Turkish consular offices around the world and serving close to 5 million Turkish citizens living abroad.

The program performs 70 different consular workflows online and fully integrated with eight different Government Ministries and other agencies from beginning to end. More than 2000 users perform more than 20.000 workflows per day within the project. Foreign missions can provide services through different internet connections in different regions of the world and under different physical conditions with the same infrastructure and systems.

In addition, a web page has been added to the project so citizens can get information and make an appointment with the consulates in advance of their transactions. The web page, which was initially launched in 2007 under the name of e-Consulate, was later named as “konsolosluk.gov.tr”. Along with the main project upgrade, the web page has also renewed in 2013. In 2016, the whole site was redesigned and an additional section has been added to the site for the consular visa applications.

The information about the workflows, the application for appointment and the visa application can be viewed at https://www.konsolosluk.gov.tr and https://www.visa.gov.tr.

Experience acquired

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