Background and Details

I was responsible for software design supporting the first generation of Turkish electronic passports. The working group was formed in January 2010 with the National Police (EGM) in coordination with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

I worked on the preparation of the enrollment system, planning of the inter-institutional integration and the development of the online services for the Ministry of this framework. I took technical responsibility for the design and development of the system’s information and appointment web pages.

The first generation e-Passport Project was successfully launched on schedule on June 1st, 2010. By the time the second generation electronic passports were introduced, a total of more than 15 million passports were issued using these systems. The appointment system is still available at

I was responsible for the second and third generation electronic passports between 2014 and 2016 in coordination with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the National Police (EGM). I managed the second generation e-Passports with the extensions needed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Second generation e-Passports were launched on 1 November 2016 as planned.

I have been working on the third-generation electronic passports booklets and personalization devices in the working group of Central Bank Banknote Printing Department, National Police and Ministry of Foreign Affairs. I took part in the bidding process for the preparation of specifications and project designing. Procurement of the project has been completed within the specified time. Third-generation e-Passports are planned to be rolled out in mid-2017 according to the ongoing calendar.

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