Sukru Alatas

Hi, My name is Sukru Alatas and I’m a technology enthusiast. I attained my master’s degree in Software Management from the Middle East Technical University (METU). I’m currently studying for second M.S. degree in METU, and work as a Consultant and Senior Software Developer for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Turkey.

I first met with computers and software development at a young age. I have worked on a wide range of IT projects and have always made an effort to be involved in every phase of projects. This has given me a wide range of knowledge and experience beyond software development. A summary of my key skills and areas of expertise developed throughout my career is;


09/2019 - ...

» Middle East Technical University

Master of Science - MS / Information Systems

02/2018 – 06/2019

» Middle East Technical University

Master of Science - MS / Software Management

09/2001 – 09/2007

» Gazi University

Bachelor’s Degree - BS / Economics


11/2007 – Present

» Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Turkey / Ankara

Consultant – Senior Software Developer

I am responsible for the development of solutions for the Ministry both internally and between institutions in the framework of a United Nations Development Program project. I mainly undertake analysis, planning and software development as well as management and control stages.

Key Projects:

12/2002 – 11/2007

» Gazi University – Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences / Ankara

Software Developer – System Administrator

I worked for five years in the Academy Information Office. The office, which operates on a volunteer basis was established with the aim of meeting all the IT needs of the faculty with approximately 7,000 students. Soon after I joined the office I was promoted to work as a Technical Responsible Officer.

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